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Subhan is a radio show based on showcasing the latest and greatest in the world of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Beats. We focus on giving artists and creatives around the world a platform to share their art with our listeners.  Tune in to hear interviews and a live mix of  classics, new releases and gems you won't find anywhere else.  Subhan is your #1 source for what sounds are shaping the past, present & future.

On the Rise


Noita Boo Ep Chicanoita Subhan Sound On the Rise Toronto R&B Soundcloud Youtube Instagram Spotify Apple Music
This edition of On the Rise, we focus on one of the most talented & experimental artists coming out of Toronto right now, the one & only Noita Noita is a 22 year old singer-songwriter who made here initial mark on the scene with her debut EP " Pink Noise" back in 2017 . However, the wait for new music from the songstress is finally over with the release of her latest project the "Boo EP" .  Noita's work represents her truest form of authenticity, from the production, visuals and songwriting it is clear to tell that she was able to tap into her purest version of creativity. Be sure to listen to one of my favourite tracks off the EP below & read more to find out why Noita is on the rise :) 


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DatZoeOfficial South Florida Subhan Sound  Instagram Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music On the Rise  Haitian Zoe              

On the Rise returns, on this edition we highlight the young legend & CEO of Zoe Money Gang : DatZoeOfficial. The South Florida native has been dropping music for years while living the lifestyle that fuels his content. My first introduction to FEE Music was in 2014 when I heard his timeless track "C.R.A.S.H" , an immersive joint that paints a vivid picture for the listener allowing them a bit of insight into the artist's hustler mentality lifestyles, and the problems that make come with being a young Zoe in Florida. Listen to one of my fave tracks of all time below & read more to find out why DatZoeOfficial is on the rise !



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Majja Concrete Roses Ep Instagram  
Majja is the latest artist to be featured in our On the Rise series which showcases emerging artists you need to hear!  The London based artists makes her splash on to the seen her incredible debut EP "Concrete Roses" . The project's immersive production provided by the young legend Sweetestcape, combined w/ her unique vocal delivery & introspective songwriting have made this one of the most refreshing R'n'B/Soul projects I have heard in a while. Listen to one of my favourite tracks from the project below & read more to find out why Majja is on the rise!  



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