Chris Franchise Guest Mix

By AJ - Host

Subhan is back w/ another special episode, after a bit of a hiatus and a pandemic we return with a special guest mix all the way from California. This time we are blessed by the sonic selections of Long Beach's own Chris Franchise. He came thru w/ a mix full of bangers too feel like you at the function within the comforts of your own crib. From Michael Jackson to Gucci Mane, Nipsey Hussle to Yung Thung this one is sure to get you turnt up! Be sure to tap in and vibe out to the full mix below: 


Chris has been a staple in his local community with him and his homies RJNOTRJ & SOSAID forming the Overtime Intl. The Overtime crew cultivated this notoriety by throwing crazy events from LBC to LA known for dope vibes and music. The Long Beach selecta continues to grow his following by releasing incredible remix tracks on Soundcloud that have reached a global audience.

Chris Franchise Subhan Sound Guest Mix Overtime Intl Nipsey Yung Thug Future Michael Jackson Lil Yachty Soundcloud Instagram Los Angeles Long Beach California


Tackling classics like Keith Sweat's "Twisted" to Nip's "Right Hand 2 God", Chris makes each track his own with knockin drums and synths heavily influenced by his west coast upbringing. Listen to some of our fave Chris Franchise tracks below: 

We were blessed to chop it up w/ the young producer/DJ about growing up in Long Beach , musical influences and much more with Chris in our exclusive interview that you can check out below 🙏🏽 

Chris Franchise Subhan Sound Guest Mix Overtime Intl Nipsey Yung Thug Future Michael Jackson Lil Yachty Soundcloud Instagram Los Angeles Long Beach California

How has your upbringing within Long Beach influenced you and your sound/ approach to music? What is your motivation behind the music? What sparked your journey into music? 

Chris:  Being from the west coast and born and raised in Long Beach made me embrace being different. I'm Black and Filipino and grew up around a whole melting pot of ethnicities. The G-Funk sound originated in this city. Growing up from K-8 to High school, artists from the city I listened to were Snoop, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Vince Staples, and Joey Fatts. Therefore, I always kept in mind to apply certain pockets into my sound. My motivation comes from seeing kids from the city who feel that they can't make it cause they're different. I got people who believe in me, and people who don't. There's kids in the Philippines who would die for an opportunity like this. I do it for them. The passion for music was born when my dad bought me a Casio electric keyboard. It was in the office room of our old crib and I would spend hours just making random songs. I always loved music that was different from the radio so I would spend hours on limewire, myspace, & youtube just digging for new music. Finally, I decided to start producing music the second month of my Senior year in High School and never looked back.

Who or what exactly is Overtime Intl? How important has this collective effort been in pushing yourself as a creative? 
Overtime International was created w/ my brothers and co-founders DJ RJNOTRJ, DJ SOSAID, And Manager Kenneth Barlis. It was founded in the month of April 2018 and started off as a DJ collective. In the future, we plan to become an agency for all creative outlets. We started because we felt that nobody from the city was playing the music we played and we wanted to change that. We do it for the kids. We strive to push the envelope culturally. 
If you could Collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be? ( Both artists or Producers) Who are your influences musically?

I would have loved to work with Tupac. I'd be grateful to study and observe his creative process, have a great conversation and to see his reaction to beats made for him. I aspire to be like Tupac everyday. As far as producers I would love to collaborate with Cardo. Cardo to me is Jay-Z to Kanye. I have an endless list of musical influences but I'd have to say Kanye West, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Larry June, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, Hit-Boy, Cardo, Pi'erre Bourne, DPBeats, DJ Dahi, the G-Funk sound and 90's R&B. 

Obviously we find ourselves in a very unique moment of history, whats something you have found out about yourself during the Quarantine? 

Man, what a time to be alive. I'm taking the quarantine day by day doing my best to stay productive 24/7. I routinely make beats, mixes, or mix/master songs on top of working a full time warehouse job that I don't enjoy.  I can't lie, I'm going insane but my endurance and consistency are getting stronger each day. 

Before we wrap up, Subhan is all about music, so I always tend to end these interviews with a question that gets people thinking on the spot. If you crashed on an island and the only thing  that survived was you and your iPod  &  that only held three albums, what would they be  & why? 

I'd have to go with Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap, Kanye West - MBDTF, and N.E.R.D. - In Search Of. No particular reason, just love these albums and I would die in peace if it came to that.  

Whats coming up for you for the rest of 2020? What can listeners expect next?

Whole lotta content from EPs, mixes, album placements, and beat tapes on all streaming platforms. Some more music you can wax your car to, sip wine to, drive down the high way on a late night to, and lay low with a shorty to. We goin up like a rocket 🚀🚀🚀

 Chris Franchise Subhan Sound Guest Mix Overtime Intl Nipsey Yung Thug Future Michael Jackson Lil Yachty Soundcloud Instagram Los Angeles Long Beach California 
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