The Freddy Printz Interview

By AJ - Host

Subhan returns with another special episode for you listeners to enjoy as summer is in full effect 😎


The show always aims to bring perspectives from all realms of creativity, and this edition of the show is no exception. I had the privilege to chop it up with one of Ottawa's veteran Mc's, the one and only Freddy Printz !! Freddy is one of those artists that has honed is craft over time striking a perfect balance between engaging bars & catchy melodies. The progression from his earlier Cold Capital projects to his newest release "Ball Up" feat. Hueso is one that is indicative of the artist's incredible versatility & talent. Be sure to listen to the latest single alongside some of my other favourite tracks from Freddy below:  


During our interview we discuss his beginnings in music, and his process when it comes to song writing and turning concepts in to the dope tracks we hear as listeners.  Freddy is also part of one the cities' dopest creative collectives; Gelato. Comprised of dope people such as Huey Draper , MixedByOTRJUWN & J Chinnasz - Freddy shares how the collective came to be and how this group dynamic ties into his own creative process. 

The wordsmith & I also discuss our mutual perspective on the city's musical climate and how his artistic growth has essentially mirrored this trajectory. This groundwork that artist's like Freddy have laid out will leave an impact on generations to come and show them a tangible route. Outside of this we discuss the importance of going back and listening to legends like a James Brown or Rick James to absorb game, our favourite shawarma spots in the city, smoking pet peeves, the importance in striking a balance in the messages you convey in your music & much more🙏🏽  Be sure to listen to the full episode below & stream Freddy's newest single "Ball Up" on all streaming platforms now !!

Freddy Printz Ball Up Hueso Subhan Sound Instagram Interview

Follow Freddy on social media @freddyprintz & Listen to the latest single "Ball Up" feat. Hueso on all streaming platforms now !! 

This episode also includes new music from Krept & Konan, Puffy Lz, Xavier Wulf, Rylo Rodriguez & much more 🔥🔥 music !

Full Episode & Tracklist Below: