The Rari Interview & Nipsey Hussle Tribute

By AJ - Host

With Spring seemingly almost here, Subhan returns after  2 weeks with another special episode for you listeners. This weeks show is dedicated to the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle, the Los Angeles Legend was tragically murdered a day before the show aired & was personally one of my favourite MCs. His music not only was dope but was entrenched in his reality and vision to strive for more and better himself and community via un-relentless work ethic and focus. 


 Long Live Ermias Joseph Asghedom a.k.a. Nipsey Hussle 🖤 

He is truly an icon and role model for all independent artists, whether or not you messed with his music like I did. His business acumen and entrepreneurial endeavours are prime examples of what can be achieved regardless of what circumstance you come from or find yourself in. From buying the plaza in which he use to sell his first mixtapes, employing people within his community who are not privy'd to traditional employment opportunities, creating his own clothing line The Marathon, establishing unforeseen business models like charging 100$ for his "Crenshaw" album to bridging the gap between his hood and Silicon Valley; informing and trying to uplift the generations in his community to come to pursue profitable and impactful careers and leave the streets alone. A father, brother, friend and a voice to a whole generation of hustlers, his legacy will be truly everlasting. Nip's music got me through some of the hardest points in my life & really pushed me to stay going when I thought I should give up, his imprint on me is permanent & I am sure that is the same for many of his family, friends & fans. The latter half of this episode I play nothing but Nipsey as a tribute to him and his impact on a generation of hustlers.  🏁 THE MARATHON CONTINUES 🏁  


This episode I am also joined by the homie RARI, who stopped by and chopped it me with me in the studio. Rari is the embodiment of an artist who embraces curiosity and thrives off learning through the process, I personally have seen his sound grow into what it is now that paired with the rest of LolaHOUSE, the Ottawa natives has much more in store for you listeners for the rest of 2019!  

RARI AKARI Life of Bad News  Be sure to follow @rariakari on IG to tap into Rari & his music. (📸: @lifeofbadnews

During our interview we discuss a myriad of things, like our musical inspirations from timeless artist's like Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder, the importance of artistic pursuits and just putting yourself out there without being scared & the influential role of surrounding yourself with other creatives. We also touch on the important role that CKCU has played in giving him the opportunity to network, the facilities to make music and hub to network with other people who share the same passion for music!! It is imperative that we continue to support these campus institution around Ontario, as Ontario Premier Doug Ford has urged students to opt out of funding them as a way to balance out his drawbacks to OSAP funding & tuition hikes. Without stations like CKCU artist's like Rari wouldn't be able to discover their passion for music, people like myself wouldn't be able to create a platform for these amazing people and listeners like yourself would not be accurately represented in media and we would only have to listen to trash corporate radio 😤 Be sure to listen to the full episode & Rari's latest single "Choices" featuring 30k below!!  

This episode of the show also includes new music from William Darc, Ryan Trey, KNVL & La Soülchyld :)  

Full Episode & Tracklist Available Below: