The StainVisualz Interview

By AJ - Host

Subhan is back after another 2 weeks with another special episode for you listeners. Alongside the status quo in terms of the dope music we share for you listeners, the show also strives to provide insights towards all realms of creativity. Now more than ever the importance of having dope visuals to accompany the music cannot be understated.


Especially with the city's rising music scene the way we are visually represented is imperative to making an impression on the global listener. At the heart of this is the unsung heroes the videographers that help bring these visions to life.  So on this show I had the pleasure to chop it up with one of Ottawa's most in demand videographers, the homie StainVisualz.

Stainvisualz youtube instagram Subhan Sound

Me and the Ottawa native talk about the importance in representing and giving a platform for our city's talent. The importance in representation and how things work on the end of the creators of this content. We take a deep dive into his origins and journey to his position now where he has become one of the most in demand videographers in the city. Be sure to watch some of his standout videos below:  


Later on in the interview, we discuss the importance of self-belief , sticking to your goals & how this can all manifest into being successful under your own terms. We also pull the curtain back on his experiences shooting artists and shares some business do's & don'ts for those looking to work and collaborate with him and other content creators. We touch on the importance of respect and etiquette in doing business with others that a lot of people tend to lack in the age of instant gratification.  The homie also shares his favourite artists, inspirations, motivations for the outlet he is providing for the city & his up coming projects within the Minnesota music scene. Be sure to listen to the full interview below to catch all the gems we dropped. 

Stainvisualz youtube instagram Subhan Sound  Follow @stainvisualz on social media & be sure to go subscribe to the StainVisualz Youtube Channel for more incredible videos! 


This episode also features new music from the likes of Stwo, Feyzal, Juwn, 7AE, Polo G, T-Minus, 451, YSL Reggie & much more incredible music you need to hear. 

Full Episode & Tracklist Below: