Family First: Feat. Offset, Houdini, LOTi & Cadet

By AJ - Host

Subhan returns for our annual Family Day special !! This week's episode has all the vibes you need to perfectly wind down and enjoy yourself as we conclude this long weekend 😎  


Firstly, I would like to convey my condolences to the family & friends of the underrated legend, Cadet 💔 The introspective Grime MC tragically past away last week, and this episode of Subhan is dedicated to him, his music and his ongoing legacy. Cadet was coming off a huge year, with smash hits like "Pumpy" & "Advice" thrusting him into mainstream rotations.

While these pop singles helped garnish notoriety, his infamous freestyles  & introspective tracks like "Closure" really showcased the South-West London native's raw talent , emotional vulnerability and truly helped him create a real connection with his fanbase. His legacy lives through his impact, music, family & friends;  Long Live Cadet (R.I.P.) 🙏🏽 

This show also features a ton of new music and vibes I recently discovered. Including the likes of Chanksdaddy, LOTi, SUA, Chris Franchise, Rylo Rodriguez, Houdini, French & much more. Be sure to listen & let me know what you thought of the show on our Instagram post: @subhansound ☺️

Full Episode & Tracklist Below: