November Knocks: Feat. KNWN Collective, JUWN, Syd & PND

By AJ - Host

Subhan is back after another 2 weeks with your regularly scheduled dose of dope music. This being are last episode of the fall, we bring y'all some fire music to keep you warm and cozy as we transition into the winter months. 


This episode we showcase some of the most fire music to come from Canada's incredibly influential  music scene. Firstly the R'n'B goat PARTYNEXTDOOR has finally returned and blessed us with two new tracks after his long hiatus. While both are great tracks, "The News" represents the OVO artist's signature sound in full flight. Atmospheric product paired with the legendary vocal cadence this one has got us hyped for his upcoming project slated for 2020. 

We also showcase some of the the countries rising contingent of underground artists, including the likes of Karma Sutra. Her video for the track "Lingo" just dropped and represents  proclamation to ward of those fake friends. This episode also includes the latest releases from favorites of the show including SVLM with his new banger "Smoke" & "Nervous" from Ottawa's R'n'B  pioneer JUWN. We also premiere the newest single from GTA artist Gordon " Love Don't Co$t a Thang" which is smooth melodic proclamation of love. All 🔥 tracks that knock, and leave listeners awaiting more from each respective artist in the new year. Be sure to bless your ear canals by listening to them below: 

This episode's track of the week goes to the homies out of Sauga, KNWN Collective !! The crew features mandem from all realms of creativity and have been putting out fire music for the past few years. Including the likes of WRSME, 30sidelouie, AHMD, ZiggyAmileo North, Spenzo, Raheem Portis, and many more. They have been putting in that work and grinding for a minute consistently releasing timeless music that reflects the lifestyle of where they come from. "No Feelings" represents the collective's first official video and is a street anthem 🌊🌊 Be sure to follow them all on social media and pree the video below : 

This episode also features music from the likes of Keith Sweat, Syd, Summer Walker, Donnie, Flipp DineroRod Wave, DigDat & much more.  Be sure to vibe out and listen to the full episode below!!! 

Full Episode & Tracklist: