Bree Mission

By AJ - Host

Bree Mission is the latest artist to be featured in our series showcasing up and coming artists from around the world; On the Rise ! The 25 year old artist hailing from the GTA had only started to pursue music within the past 2 years, but is already making waves across the Canadian music scene. 

Bree Mission From Basement to Billboards Wanted You

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Bree has always had a passion for music since he was a child, however an impromptu studio session, where he was forced into the booth by his homies is really what jumpstarted the young artist's realization that music was a viable creative outlet. His sound is greatly influenced by Toronto's ethnic diversity and vast sonic landscape.


¬†This diversity is clearly reflected in his crew Mission, which is comprised of a collective of creatives who are striving for greatness.¬† The collective's debut 7 song project¬†FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE BILLBOARDS serves an introduction into Bree's unique sound and the collective's immersive & ambitious vision. While the project is dropping soon, the debut single "Wanted You" featuring MVTTHEW¬†is the perfect initiation for listeners to familiarize themselves with Bree's¬†refreshing melodies and MVTTHEW's immersive production. The track itself is an ode to moving forward and striving for prosperity, using people's underestimations¬†of your abilities as¬†motivation to go get it¬†ūüė§ Be sure to listen to "Wanted You" below & stay in tune with Mission as they have way more in store for you listeners for the rest of 2019 !¬†