By AJ - Host

After a bit of a hiatus, On the Rise returns to highlight another dope artist that you listeners need to know about ! This time we direct our attention to Florida. The state has seen its influence in music become undeniable over the past few years but its foundations of bass , latin & of course hip hop music have been there for decades. Intrinsic to all of this is the collision of immigrant communities within the state that have lead to this sonic melting pot that we now hear on a day to day basis. At the forefront of this resurgence in pop culture, has been the Haitian community! More commonly referred to as Zoe's , they have been the heartbeat of the underground hip hop scene and the Floridian notion of being a self sufficient hustler. Very few people embody this more, then young legend & CEO of ZoeMoneyGang ; DatZoeOfficial !! 


The South Florida native has been dropping music for years while living the lifestyle that fuels his content. My first introduction to FEE Music was in 2014 when I heard his timeless track "C.R.A.S.H" , an immersive joint that paints a vivid picture for the listener allowing them a bit of insight into the artist's hustler mentality, and the problems that make come with being a young Zoe in Florida.  



While he has continued to drop music, DatZoeOfficial has maintained his status of  being an enigma with sporadic drops but consistent bangers. Be sure to checkout some of his most dope releases below: 

His dizzying wordplay, metaphors and flows paired with the truth and vulnerability in his music make the young Haitian artist one of our personal favourites. With more releases slated from DatZoeOfficial in 2019 it seems now that the king is ready to claim his throne, be sure to tap in to his socials and listen to his music on all streaming platforms to see why he is on the rise !!!  

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