Los Audio Kimikos

By AJ - Host

On the Rise is a series designed to highlight up and coming talent from around the world. This represents the last edition of 2019 so its only right we head to to Montreal, and show some love to up and coming production collective Los Audio Kimikos


Los Audios Kimikos Subhan  Sound Late Nights & 808s On The Rise FRVRFRIDAY Cruzito HRTBRKFEVER Johnathan Allen MTL Instagram Soundcloud Spotify Apple Music

Los Audio Kimikos are a Dominican production duo consisting of  Liby and Kiko. The two met in MTL as teenagers in 2010 and from then on have been making fire sounds ever since.


Los Audios Kimikos Subhan  Sound Late Nights & 808s On The Rise FRVRFRIDAY Cruzito HRTBRKFEVER Johnathan Allen MTL Instagram Soundcloud Spotify Apple Music

Liby and Kiko primarily started producing reggaeton music as it was the music they were immersed in within their cultural upbringing, working with heavy hitters in the genre including the likes of Yoi Carrera, Cruzito, Darkiel Omar & many others. 

Los Audios Kimikos Subhan  Sound Late Nights & 808s On The Rise FRVRFRIDAY Cruzito HRTBRKFEVER Johnathan Allen MTL Instagram Soundcloud Spotify Apple Music

Los Audio Kimikos are super versatile sonically, and decided to take a risk and put together an R'n'B project resulting in the vibe filed ; Late Nights & 808s. The project represents the perfect bedroom playlist full of enveloping synths, immersive production and featuring a wide assortment of rising artists like FRVRFRIDAY, HRTBRKFEVER, Cruzito, Aaron Knight, Ralph Larenzo & 7ONESTARRKiko & Liby took some time out of their super busy schedule to chop it up about their influences, come-up in Montreal , how Late Nights & 808s came to be & much more.



How did you two come together to form Los Audio Kimikos? As both of you started producing music on your own, how important has the investment in yourself and your own studio space help push your guys' sound even further?


Liby was part of a Dominican music group a while ago and he would always invite me to the studio to chill.  They guys eventually had asked me to join and we all worked together for a few years.  The group ended up splitting up but Liby & I stayed together and have been grinding ever since.  The investment in our studio has been extremely important for us as it is a place where we can escape and create fire.


The city of Montreal has a long lineage of legendary producers from A-Trak, Kaytranada, High Klassified and many more . How has your upbringing within the city of Montreal influenced your sound and approach to music? 


Big shout out to all the Montreal producers that are killing it right now.  However our influences mainly come from our Dominican heritage since we’ve been listening to that music since we were kids and will always add to our sauce.


If you could Collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be? ( both artists or producers) Who are your influences musically?


We both would have loved to work with Michael Jackson, he was and will always be the GOAT.  As far as influences go: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Aventura, Michael Jackson, Scott Storch just to name a few.


Now Reggaeton is a massive genre of music, and I assume one that you two both grew up in but not one that would commonly be associated with the sonic themes that are found on your new project Late Nights & 808s? Is this notion of versatility when it comes to production something you two had from the jump or had to work on and perfect?


As we mainly produce Reggaeton and Latin trap, this EP was really a shot in the dark.  We had made some R&B in the past but nothing like what was on Late Nights & 808s.  Let’s say that apart from the 6 instrumentals that are on the EP, we had produced a batch of around 20.  Lots of late nights spent in the studio finding and perfecting the sound we were looking for.


Late Nights & 808s is definitely designed for those 3 am intimate moments w/ that special someone. The project front to back is incredibly atmospheric & literally the perfect thing to throw on when your tryna set that vibe. From collaborations like HRTBRKFEVER, Cruzito , FRVRFRIDAY & many more. How did you both get inspired to create this concept? How did you decide which artist would be the best fit for each song?


The idea came from a random playlist I fell upon and it was a bunch of the new wave R&B and I fucked with the vibe heavy.  At that same time, I was going through some personal issues and I would leave the studio late and I’d be in my bag about something.  This EP was just a way for me to channel my emotions into music and have the regular person be able to relate to the themes. 

For the artists, before even producing a beat, we did our homework.  We listened to countless songs looking for artists that fit the direction we wanted to go in.  Everything from vocals, lyrics and image played a part in our selection of the 6 artists and we are more than happy with the end result, they each killed their track.


Before we wrap up, Subhan Sound is all about music, so I always tend to end these interviews with a question that gets people thinking on the spot. If you crashed on an island and the only thing that survived was you and your iPod (or w/e you use to listen to music) &  you could only listen to three albums while you await rescue, what would they be & why?


1. Los Bukis - Y Para Siempre: This album reminds me of my childhood and beautiful memories with my mother.

2. Tego Calderon - El Abayarde: My love for urban music was created with this and from that moment on I knew I had to be a part of this movement.

3. El Inicio - DJ Libiano: Simply because this was my first project and it will always be my baby.



1. Michael Jackson - Thriller: This album is simply a gem and every song on it reminds me of times spent with family and myself dancing alone

2. NO1-NOAH - Feeling In Color: A huge inspiration for the EP and this album helped me get through some tough times in my life, the lyrics, the production, super dope.

3. Mas Flow 2 - Luny Tunes & Baby Ranks: This project dropped and I would listen to it on repeat so much that even my parents know it. It was also around this time where I started messing around with production software.


What's coming up for you for the rest of the year? When can the listeners expect new music from Los Audio Kimikos?

For the rest of 2019 we don’t think we will be dropping anything, we will end the year off with Late Nights & 808s.  In the new year we do have a few records in the stash ready to be dropped.  Apart from that, maybe drop another EP and of course keep grinding.

Big s/o  to Subhan Sound for this opportunity, we greatly appreciate it for real 🙏🏽


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Be sure to listen to Late Nights & 808s on all streaming platforms & go follow the homies on social media @losaudiokimikos, @dj_liby & @kikosencillo to stay tapped in w/ what they got coming up in 2020!!