By AJ - Host

On the Rise is a featured article series that focuses on giving the spotlight to up & coming artists that you need to hear about!! This edition is no exception as we shift our focus to the streets of London, which has been the hub to some of the most influential sounds in music to date. Majja, represents the new generation of soul and R'n'B artists that are breaking down the musical mould. Her debut project "Concrete Roses EP" is one of grit, immersive songwriting & mesmerizing vocals ; evoking the vibes of a young Erykah Badu if she was from the ends, had a Super Eagles jersey & grew up on The Weeknd. 

"Concrete Roses" serves as an introduction to the artist that leaves a lasting impression. 6 tracks of immersive production from the young legend Sweetestcape serve as the sonic canvas for the Nigerian songstress' unique voice to paint the scene of unmatched beauty found within the pebbled stoned streets of London. Stand out tracks like Black James Dean, Beach Rats, Trees, Pull Up & Over You deal with the themes of young love, lust & finding oneself as they try to navigate through it all. The latter of the tracks even goes to sample the legendary Notorious B.I.G. which is a theme throughout the project & executed to perfection by the maestro Sweetestscape. The knocking beats paired with her vocals really does speak to the duality of the project's namesake. Majja's debut outing is one that is so refreshing & cohesive 6 tracks serve as just a tease for whats to come from the talented young artist leaving listeners yearning for more. The "Concrete Roses EP"  is an amazing first project giving you listeners all the more reason as to why Majja should be on your radar for years to come and why she is most definitely on the rise ! 

 Majja Concrete Roses EP Instagram

  Be sure to tap in & follow Majja on social media: @majjamaja. Listen to the debut effort from Majja "Concrete Roses EP" in its full glory below !!!