By AJ - Host

This edition of On the Rise, we focus on one of the most talented & experimental artists coming out of Toronto right now, the one & only Noita.


Noita is a 22 year old singer-songwriter who made her initial mark on the scene with " Pink Noise" back in 2017 a striking introduction filled with uptempo production by AODAN & the artist tackling themes such as infatuation, heartbreak and the internal struggles of being in love w/ someone that may not necessarily be the best for you. This project established the Toronto based artist as one of the most promising talents to emerge from the city at the time. 


While anticipation was high, Noita dropped a couple of songs to keep fans at ease teasing her listeners with tracks like "Oxygen" that displayed a new approach to her music. The single really set the tone for listeners for what was to come, as the production was darker & giving the songstress the ability to convey the longing for the life that love instills within her. 

This was all listeners had to feed their hunger until right now as we were blessed with her sophomore effort "Boo" earlier this month. Be sure to watch the chatroom inspired visuals  for the project's lead single "Dead Like Me" below: 


On "Boo" Noita seems to have tapped into her truest form of authenticity, from the production, visuals and songwriting it is clear to tell that she was able to manifest her purest version of creativity. Tracks such as "Dead Like Me" that touch on the notions of vulnerability & establishing a connection with someone through a mutual understanding of pain showcase just how much her songwriting has evolved.  The EP as a whole is heavily influenced by her origin's views on spirituality , which lend into the purity of the projects creative direction.


Produced primarily, by Dylan King, Hugo Felipe & 1995 their ambient & experimental approach to the sonics allows Noita's unqiue vocals to hold the listeners by their hand and help them navigate through the foggy & dark maze that she embarks on within this project. This was one of the most unique projects I have heard all year, and a clear sign that Noita is a truly gifted at what she does. Don't sleep and listen to the "Boo EP" in full below: 


Standout tracks from this project included "Dead Like Me" , "Blood on My Pearls", "Oxygen"  &  my personal favourite "Funhouse". This 5 track EP is a creative vision executed to perfection, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for Noita ! 

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