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On the rise is back with another edition of our series which gives precedence to up and coming artists from around the world. This time we head to Canada's capital to check in with one of Ottawa's most promising young rising artists: Yungcudii

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Coming up in Russell, Yungcudii always had a passion for music being a youth growing up during the 2000s. This passion manifested in him releasing music at only fifteen, and his sound has grown so much since. After this initial drop in 2016, Yungcudii has remained consistent not only in his output but his growth as an artist. Checkout the video for one of our fave singles "Cartier Glass" below: 


After releasing numerous videos to accompany his singles, which in turn allowed his reputation to grow amongst the city and audiences around the world. Yungcudii dropped his debut project 2019 called "Purge Season" featuring his homie OEG. Be sure to bump the full project below: 

On this project, Cudii and OEG share an undeniable chemistry establishing unique flows and catchy melodies. This tandem effort resulted in a project that was met which widespread affection charting within the Apple Music Top 100 at the times of its release.   Given the success of Purge Season, Yungcudii and OEG formed a long lasting creative bond resulting in the latest 5 track EP "Scared to Love". 
This 5 track project represents a thematic shift for Yungcudii, as he taps into his influences and tackles the subject matter of trust issues, lust and young love. Alongside, OEG the darker sonics and pain fill songs show a level of personal growth in both young artists, and how they have tapped into to being vulnerable. Bump the full EP "Scared 2 Love" below: 

We were privileged enough to chop it up with Yungcudii and discuss a myriad of topics from his musical influences, his relationship with OEG, how he is coping with quarantine and much more below:  

Yungcudii Subhan Sound On The Rise Purge Season Scared 2 Love Cartier Glass Youtube Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music Instagram Ottawa Toronto Montreal

Firstly, we of course are in the midst of a pretty mad situation given the impact of COVID-19. How are you coping with these circumstances, and outside of working on music what are you doing to stay sane during quarantine? What are your go to binge shows to kill time? 

Yungcudii:  This whole COVID pandemic going around makes everything very difficult. Originally I had plans to travel to LA and continue to focus on my dreams in America but since this whole pandemic is going around I been staying home and socially distancing myself from everybody. Despite staying home and being bored all day I usually make music or play PS4. My go to binge shows are Power, Naruto and On My Block. 

How has your upbringing within Ottawa influenced you and your approach to music? What was that first moment when you realized that this was something to pursue? 

I remember watching the MTV awards with my brother as a kid and seeing Soulja Boy, Lil Twist, Chris Brown, Bow Wow and other artists accomplish their dreams at a young age. After that, I remember telling myself that If they can do it I can too. After a short period of time I began freestyling and writing music. Then in the 3rd grade I decided to preform at the schools talent show. Everybody in the crowd loved my performance and from that day on I knew this was something I wanted to pursue as a career. I grew in a rough neighborhood so my family was not as fortunate as others. This motivated me to work on my craft and make a way out for my family and I.

Quite often when we are young, the music that we hear around the house has a lasting impact on your outlook on life. What did your family play around the house when you were growing up?

Growing up my parents would always play Bob Marley, Tupac and Biggie around the house. Now that I look back, I know that is where I grew my notions of versatility allowing to incorporate old school with the new school music.

If you could Collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Who are your influences musically? 

​I would have to say Xxxtentacion, because he had the biggest influence on my music. In 2018 I released my song "Love Hurts" after being inspired by Xxxtentacion on his song " Fuck Love". My song had my own message I was sending out although X influenced the style of it.

You have a lot of versatility in your sound, this is on full display on your latest drop "Scared 2 Love" w/ OEG.  What fueled this different approach? How do you tap into your notions of creativity when you are in the studio making a track? 

Well I wanted to try a different approach for this EP so OEG and I decided to freestyle every song on this tape. My manager (Bailey) wanted the theme for this tape to be heartbreaks and sorrows, and it all made sense because both OEG and I have been heart broken before so we decided to go with that.

For Purge Season OEG and I usually brought 5 - 9 people to the studio because they helps create the vibes and moods we would want for a song. But for this EP we couldn't do that. I remember I was having troubles falling asleep one night so I decided to make music. It was like 2:00am and everyone was sleeping in my house so I couldn't be too loud. I was scrolling through youtube and found the beat for " Fuck a Love Song". When listening to it instantly I got into my feelings and started reminiscing. 

Your most notable projects are in tandem w/ your homie OEG, how did you both meet and lock in? How impactful has it been to have someone that you are comfortable being open with when it comes to sharing ideas and working creatively? 

OEG and I met back in high school, it was grade 11 and he was the new kid. The school we went to was predominantly white, so at lunch all the black kids stuck together. Every lunch all the black kids would sit around a lunch table to freestyle and rap battle. Everyone knew I was a rapper so they wanted me to go against OEG.

At the time no one knew he was a rapper so when they heard him spit bars everyone was shocked. Eventually after that we went to the studio and made our first collaboration song 'Energy". OEG's artistry is very different from mine. He is from Miami so his style is more melodic and RnB influence. Working with him, pushed me to be more versatile. Before our collaborations my style was more drill and trap but after sharing ideas and tips that changed. 

Before we wrap up, Subhan Sound is all about music, so I always tend to end these interviews with a question that gets people thinking on the spot. If you crashed on an island and the only thing  that survived was you and your iPod (or w/e you use to listen to music) &  you could only listen to three albums while you await rescue, what would they be  & why? 

Damn in this situation I would have to listen to timeless music. so my album pick would be Purge Season, Xxxtentacion's Revenge and PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO

Whats coming up for you for the rest of the year? When can the listeners expect new music from Yungcudii ? 

S/o my nigga Cooper, S/o Solaris and S/o Bailey. Im about to drop Friendzone, Goons and PURGE SEASON 2 y'all aint ready for dis 😤. 

Yungcudii Subhan Sound On The Rise Purge Season Scared 2 Love Cartier Glass Youtube Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music Instagram Ottawa Toronto Montreal

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