About Your Host



Welcome to Subhan a.k.a Subhansound, a radio show on CKCU 93.1FM. The show founded in 2012, was sparked by my disdain for the radio programming available at the time in Ottawa. I and a couple of my friends took it upon ourselves to create our own radio show, that would not only play music you would never hear on corporate radio but provide a platform for local artists and creatives.  6 years later and the show is still going strong, providing artists both local and foreign a platform to showcase their content. I myself have always been passionate about music, being surrounded by my dad's collection of records before I could even walk. From Aaliyah to  Lauryn Hill, Migos to Travis $cott not only does Subhan play your favourite artists but we emphasize on sharing music that you will only find here first. Subhan, derived from the Arabic term SubhanAllah,  represents the collision of two things that are truly important to me and helped shape my identity;  Dope Music and Being Yourself. 

Love Always,